Monthly Archives: July 2012

Wort – painted pencil sketch

Here’s another pencil sketch of mine, scanned and digitally painted. My daughter named him Wort. (He’s sort of a cross between a pig and a bunny. Don’t ask. I have no idea. Ha!!) Enjoy!



I was inspired recently by reading the (4) Inheritance Cycle books by Christopher Paolini. (Yes, even though for young adults this series was pretty good.)

This pencil sketch started life as a general dragon concept but morphed into something more along the lines of a Griffin . . . or really a hybrid mix of the concepts. I actually sketched this back when finishing the series, several months ago, then came back to it to flesh out a bit more. My goal was to give it more of a children’s-book feel.

My daughter named him, ‘Flame’. Hope you enjoy the view.