Monthly Archives: December 2013

Krev’s Tunnel – Rite of Passage

Here an RI Traumana Raider Mrk3 takes a celebratory flight through the famed “Krev’s Tunnel”. Hope you enjoy.


“Afternoon Pre-flight”

A busy afternoon at the #69 airfield in Uluria. Here are a few RI Hansensian Gravitaire craft getting checked out before their early afternoon sorties. Hope you enjoy.

RI Dash – (Signature Showroom Series)

I designed this a few weeks ago but waited to post since I was giving a signed/framed version to a good buddy of mine this weekend for Christmas.

Third Heat

Another serious contender for the Level 1 Championships coming up later in the cycle – here, a couple of Rift Industries Bollarian Torque craft, along with an RI Sweeper, are seen blistering across one of the outlying quadrants of Uluria in the third heat of a local race. Looks like it’s going to be a close finish. 🙂

Sport Racing at its finest

Sport Racing at its finest – two RI Sweeper craft are captured here, high above the outlying Uluria badlands. There’s no difference between versions of the Sweeper, simply subtle color changes. Rift Industries, from what I heard, plans to release a possible XL version of the Sweeper to have a serious contender for the coveted Level 1 Racer Championships later in the cycle. Could be cool to see what they do with it. 🙂