Monthly Archives: March 2014

Uluria Transition Portal, Sector 24

Here we see three RI Lance’s zoom through the Uluria Transition Portal in Sector 24.


KBNA Night Showcase

Here’s a new showcase structure I created based loosely from a recent photo my daughter took at our airport. Of course, being the all-things-that-fly nut, I had to add a ship. (I used a recently created ship and bumped up the sheen to really capture the light-interplay.) Enjoy!

“Scan Commencing . . .” – featuring a Talmarron Elite Guard

Here we see a Talmarron (long-time feuding twin sister planet of Talmarran) Elite Guard commencing a scan . . .talmarron_elite_guard_web

Talmarran Cruiser – “Climb-out”

Here a pair of Talmarran Cruisers can be seen during climb-out, leaving a remote FANS research site. Hope you enjoy.

Twin Trouble

Featuring the RI Stiletto Mrk2. Enjoy!

Skylark Mrk2 – Top Cover

A pair of RI Skylark Mrk2 ships are seen flying top cover near the outlying southern quadrant of Ectil IV.ri_skylark_mrk2_topcvr_web