Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Haunt

I was inspired by watching a recent ghost/scary-places documentary. I decided to make a creepy hallway of my own. Yikes!! 🙂

Yavin4 Furnishings – New product lines

And now for something a little different – I wanted to explore some more basic monochromatic-style modeling but wanted to craft something sort of memorable too.

Here are a couple of the latest offerings by Yavin4 Furnishings, a new Rift Industries subsidiary start-up. Enjoy!



The King’s Entrance

This technically is next to the King’s actual entrance location – but we see two RI Silencer’s on standby should the need arise. Enjoy!

“Above The Rails”


High-Orbit Launch Bay 69, Uluria Central


Night showcase – featuring the RI Cobra Mrk3

Here is another one of the night showcase areas surrounding the greater Uluria metroplex. Rift Industries has long been using such areas around the city to promote new product lines. This one is currently housing an RI Cobra Mrk3.