Monthly Archives: June 2014


Here is my latest 3D/mixed-media offering. I hope you enjoy!



RI Lance LTD

I decided to take a previously-released model and give it a new texture/decal treatment. I lit this with HDRi also. Gives it a much more rich look IMO. I hope you enjoy.

RI Nebula Crest LTD

Here is a previously-released model, re-textured with fresh decals. I hope you enjoy!

BLUE ANGELS 2014 – Smyrna, TN

Here are a couple pictures, of the almost 3K I took, from Saturday and Sunday of the Great Tennessee Airshow. The BLUES are the best!! The first image is worthy of a postcard, in my opinion. This is a web-sized version. AND . . . because I’m feeling generous, I am posting a high-resolution version of the second picture. And just when you thought Monday mornings are a drag. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!


RI Maniacal

Here’s my first attempt at a 3D mech. I hope you enjoy!

RI Veselyan Arrow (Happy Birthday, Bruce!)

I made this for a friend of mine’s upcoming birthday. Hope you enjoy . . .

RI Dominator Mrk2 (new pose) and RI Brumbaughlaire Ltd

Here is another RI Dominator Mrk2 pose I had rendered back whenever I originally posted the other views (older posts here). I forgot to include it then. I really like this up close and personal in-your-face pose. Very striking in my opinion. The RI Brumbaughlaire LTD is an older, previously unreleased, model I cleaned up and gave fresh treatment to. Both lit via HDR imaging which, in my opinion, really breathes a more accurate and fresh life into the models. I hope you enjoy!