Monthly Archives: July 2014

RI – More goodies

Here are a couple recent quick-offs. They’re kinda mindless works to keep me working/exploring until I can settle on a more serious design soon. I hope you enjoy!

The RI Pulsar – The pilots affectionately refer to this as the ‘Catfish’ or ‘Pond Skimmer’. 🙂

The RI Drollarian Zip – Otherwise referred to as the ‘Wheel’, this is more of a tour ship for execs or corporate parties seeking to explore nearby stars or planets. A few of these have been retrofitted for military use, mainly cargo and troop transport. Seen here with two RI Boxster’s, for scaling reference.


RI Slipstream

Here are two selections showing my new model; RI Slipstream. This was more of a stream-of-consciousness one but I was generally pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy! 🙂



RI Ghost – Along The Northern Coast

Here we see a pair of RI Ghost ships. The local Ulurians love to cruise this up and down the coast. They’re lightweight, maneuverable and fairly easy to fly. Enjoy . . .

RI Torque Mrk7 (Star Wars T-47 Snowspeeder tribute variant)

Here’s my latest 3D model. I hope you enjoy!


Here’s another asymmetrical ship. Again, I didn’t really have strong design direction but was just sorta working ‘stream-of-consciousness’ style. Sometimes you end up with happy accidents and others you get snippets of things to include in your next true design. 🙂 Anyway . . . I hope you enjoy.

Through The Scoop

Here is a new asymmetrical ship, the Rift Industries Dynamic . . . actually two of them, flying the ‘Scoop’. The Scoop has long since been a favorite area for local Uluria pilots to hone skills and just generally have a bit of visual-fun flying through the mirror-plated structures. I hope you enjoy!


This is what happens when you’re tired and have no real design direction (except dual, separated cockpits). Not my favorite design but thought I’d post anyway. Hope you enjoy!