Monthly Archives: August 2014

RI Anarchist

Here is a 3-view look at a model I’ve been toying with; RI Anarchist. Nothing fancy but I love the colors!! Hope you enjoy!


RI Aggressor Mrk3

Here’s a fresh model; RI Aggressor Mrk3. This texturing is NOT final. My original idea was to have it stronger yellow with very subtle dark-blue gloss opposing color. I also tried a new approach to landing gear, opting for something more ‘fantasy’ within a traditional setting. Not overly happy with it on this model but hey, still fun to play around with. I’m not happy with some of the bump mapping so will redo . . . but I’m posting this anyway for kicks. Once I finalize the texturing, I plan to post some alternate views as well.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy.

RI Slider Mrk2 (more views)

Here are some additional views of the RI Slider Mrk2. I hope you enjoy!

RI Slider Mrk2 (remix)

Here’s an alternate texture for my RI Slider Mrk2. Thought I’d try some fresh weathering/bump/procedural irregularities with it. I was pleased. Hope you enjoy.

RI Slider Mrk2

Here is a fresh model; RI Slider Mrk2. I hope you enjoy!

Bust – RI Bot 427

Been exploring some sculpting options lately. Here’s a 3-panel bust of the RI Bot 427. Hope you enjoy.