A look back . . . and forward (ft. RI Majestic Mrk2)

Here’s some fun for you today. I ran across some old ship images from back in 2005. I decided to take one and give it a new treatment with my current 3D software. The first screen-capture image was done in Wings 3D. The second in Bryce 3D and polished in Ps. The third is a new take on the ship within Blender 3D (my currently used software of choice). NOTE – I intentionally left the weapons off of this new take. Not because I’m anti-gun, which I’m not, but I wanted to just enjoy the sheer beauty in the form(s). I will eventually post a similar scene with this new one but wanted to post these now.

I hope you enjoy the look back . . . and forward.

(2005 = Screen-capture from Wings 3D)

(2005 = Bryce 3D render. Postwork in Ps.)

(Current version rebuilt from scratch in Blender 3D)


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