Monthly Archives: October 2014

RI B0429

Introducing the RI B0429. Piloted by a crew of two; it’s primary mission is a heavy-weapons delivery platform but when retrofitted, can serve as a troop transport. This bird can take a lot of heat. Hope you enjoy!

RI A0505

Here’s a fresh model for your enjoyment; RI A0505. My exercise here was to create some interesting shapes along the main hull. I wanted to capture interesting light-play along the sides as they wrap up over the top of the hull near the cockpit area. Was a fun project. Hope you enjoy . . .

RI B613

Here’s a fresh model for your enjoyment. I hope you . . . enjoy! 🙂

RI A88

Here’s a fun little goof-off model for you; RI A88. I was just having fun exploring shapes. Nothing fancy. Still fun to create. (They’re usually always fun to create. Ha!!) Hope you enjoy . . .


RI A924

I decided to do a bulkier, more military style model; RI A924. (I included weapons even. Ha!!) Hope you enjoy . . .

RI A123 StarRider

Here’s a fresh model for your enjoyment! Thanks for checking it out. 🙂


Here’s a fresh model for your enjoyment; RI A121 JAB. This was a no-design-brief, freestyle one (except for the T-top rear horizontal stabilizer). I hope you enjoy!