RI Racer (mirrored concept sketch)

Thought I’d post something a bit different and more behind-the-scenes. Here’s a quick pen sketch I made last week. I bought a dry-media sketchpad at Hobby Lobby . . . and have been exploring several different pens (Ha!!) with it. I love to doodle out concept ships or whatnot, let them dry just a bit to get sticky then smudge around some indications of shading with the ink already down on the paper. Makes for some fun stuff. (The technique works best with paper intended for dry media.) This one, I just drew one-half of the front draft view then mirrored it within Ps. Easy-breezy. NORMALLY I don’t treat any of my sketches further but this one was just begging for a texture-bash with some dodge/burn techniques to further pull out the form changes.

I am working on a fresh 3D model, which won’t be exactly like this sketch, that I will hopefully finish soon. (I am planning to create a further version that closely resembles this sketch however.)

In the meantime, for something a little different . . . hope you enjoy! 🙂


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