Here’s another ‘hsorganic’ (my portmanteau for ‘hard-surface’ + ‘organic’ modeling approaches/fusion; silent ‘h’) model; RI ZEDROLLIAN SLIDER.

Obviously with this one, I used a more organic/sculpting approach to the hull. When happy with something different from my norm, I constructed the wings with a more traditional box-modeling/hard-surface approach. The trick for these, at least for me, is to plan ahead enough to calculate good places for joining the pieces together. Tricky but also yields fun results if I can plan it just right. This is the same approach I used for the RI Fist. AND, I really dial in extra bits with my displacement-textures. Anyway . . .

I hope you enjoy the RI ZEDROLLIAN SLIDER (also affectionately referred to as ‘The Shark’ by its pilots).


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