Monthly Archives: November 2014


Introducing the RI A109 CHARGER. I decided to use a little different texturing process than normal. (Basically I spent a lot longer on the texturing.) There are a few minor spots where my use of the mirror-mode is obvious but, I actually like that. Not only is there weathering but some of it could be intentional paint work from the production factory or something. I didn’t do much postwork on this. I am very pleased with the results. AND it’s a fresh model to boot. I hope you enjoy!


RI Alpha Arrow – ON TARGET!

Here’s another view of twin RI Alpha Arrow’s (high-poly version) en route to intercept a bogey. It appears they’ve arrived.

I hope you enjoy . . .

RI Krylon (profile)

Here’s the RI Krylon profile view I mentioned earlier that I would post. I really love the profile view; such flowing lines and nice curves. I hope you enjoy!

RI Alpha Arrow (high-poly version)

Here are a couple of additional RI Alpha Arrow views. I wanted to show the higher-poly versions. You can see that there are a lot more goodies to see along the form, yet it maintains its overall sleekness as portrayed with the lower-poly version previously posted. I prefer the higher-poly version just for the cool detailed nuances but when conceptualizing, the lower-poly models work to cut render times and still capture the overall form (which is really the goal from that approach). I may do a complete alternate treatment of this model too, since it’s still my current fav, so keep an eye out for a possible future posting. In the meantime, enjoy!

RI Krylon

Introducing the RI Krylon; single-seat attack/fighter platform. This also has a really sweet profile (not included). I may post another view of it later. In the meantime, hope you enjoy!

RI Phalanx

Introducing the RI Phalanx; twin-seat (side by side) reconnaissance platform. I really just wanted to capture the concept, nothing too serious . . . but I did at least want to polish it off a bit. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

RI Undaunted

In my feeble efforts to make the late Jack Northrop proud, here’s my take on the old YB-49 (later, and better known, as the redesigned B-2 stealth bomber). Seriously, however, this didn’t really start as a specific YB-49 version but in looking back I can see how I was obviously channeling it while drafting concepts. I’ve also been on this lighter-grey texture scheme kick. I kinda like it because you can’t hide modeling issues as easily with lighter textures and it’s a nice extra challenge to ensure good modeling. Anyway . . . Introducing the RI Undaunted. I hope you enjoy!