Monthly Archives: December 2014

Corridor 47

Nothing fancy here . . . just playing around with the array and bevel modifiers. (Sometimes you just want to look down a long corridor for no apparent reason. Ha!!) Rather than rendering an entirely-boring corridor, I decided to throw in a completely random element to the mix and something most likely not a part of that world . . . street cones! Nothing like breaking up a sterile and otherwise clean environment with some old-Earth construction items. LOL!!

Hope you enjoy . . .


RI Tug 9771

Introducing the RI Tug 9771. I’ve included the mission specs within the image. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

RI 141 Talon Mrk2

Here’s another lunch-hour project I started yesterday. Had to finish at home last night. Anyway . . . still playing around with weathering/worn textures, all within B3D, and I’m liking the results so far.

Introducing the RI 141 Talon Mrk2. I hope you enjoy!

RI Pod 005

Here is a fun, simple lunch-project from a couple days ago; RI Pod 005. More so than modeling, I’m just playing around with different (weathered and worn) texturing processes. Nothing too serious but I do like the simple, boxy style for this. I hope you enjoy!

RI Armstrong XL

Here’s a fresh version of my RI Armstrong. This is an older model posted elsewhere on my blog. I was testing some worn-edges texture strategies and it was easier to just grab an old model and re-texture. I ended up reworking a new displacement map on it too. Kinda fun but my main goal was to explore texture layers and how to dial in some of the looks I have in mind. Still learning . . .

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!

RI 227 Mrk2 XLT

Here is another model; RI 227 Mrk2 XLT. This model is actually an older one (may or may not be posted here). Anyway . . . I really enjoyed the flowing form so decided to clean up the model and re-texture. This looks so cool in motion in the viewport scrubber, though haven’t rendered any full-version clips yet. I may eventually post some short clips on my YT channel. (The large render shows some extra custom camo-style layering I created. The smaller views don’t include it.)

I hope you enjoy!

RI Pod020

Here’s a new dumper (no preconceived design direction) ship; RI Pod020. Among other things, I was testing some asymmetrical decal approaches. I hope you enjoy!