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RI Drollarian Condor (final-texture version)

Here is the final-textured version of the RI Drollarian Condor. I decided to create a fun scene with it and was pretty happy with the results. I’m also posting a showcase view below for a better look at the texture, if interested. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂

“Cleared for Take-off!”



RI Drollarian Condor

Hi. Here is a mostly-finished, fresh model; RI Drollarian Condor. I’m still playing around with varying weathered-texture processes, which are always fun for me, and I’m getting closer to a style I like. I used a custom-created base weathering layer wrapped with one UV map, then incorporated a mix of using a custom displacement map to drive some of the color too (along with a normal map) and mixed it with a decals UV map. The process is quick enough for me to get my concept ideas out. Then if something really strikes my fancy, I finish dialing in the detail I want later. This particular model sports an early level of detail but I still thought it looked kinda cool already. I really like this camera angle. Hope you enjoy!ri_drollarian_condor_2v_web

RI Rebel

Here’s a new atmo/space craft for your enjoyment. Mainly I was messing around with different texturing ideas. Nothing too definitive as I started this with no real design direction. Thought I’d post anyway for fun. I consider this as a futuristic barnstormer of sorts. Hope you enjoy!

RI Galaxy Rider Mrk2

Hello! Here’s a fresh model, a new iteration of an older one; RI Galaxy Rider Mrk2. I’ve been spending more time really playing around with textures lately, trying to dial in a more weathered look without custom-painting it. I’m not necessarily taking a procedural approach but am using procedural methods with some custom-created textures (if that makes sense). Right now, I’m kinda geeking on the typical greyish-looking motif. I thought it’d be fun to build a quick-n-dirty mirror-box around it. It’s a fast way to show some of the other views within the same scene. And I had done that with the first iteration of this line too, so it was a nice similarity.

Concerning the textures, I used some seamless ones I created and uv-wrapped them around the model with different methods . . . all combined to create the final look. And you’ll note I added some emission surfaces as well for the engines/lights. There’s a lot of layers happening here that may not be readily visible. (My postwork was the engine-inset, title and frame.)

I hope you enjoy . . . and thank you for viewing.

RI Accelerator Mrk2

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I’ve been out of pocket for a few weeks, building a new computer and other things, but I’m finally getting settled again.

Here’s a quick concept ship render; RI Accelerator Mrk2. Nothing fancy, as I went into this with no design direction.

I’m learning new processes and techniques to see how I can (if at all) incorporate those into my current workflow. Here, I was exploring new ultra-smooth texturing options and to see how my quick-n-dirty volumetric exhaust plumes look. They’re not particle based but mainly a volumetric shape lit from within the exhaust ports. It’s nothing too serious but enough to imply some sort of action at least. Anyway. Hope you enjoy and I plan to start posting more regularly again. Thanks for viewing!

Corridor 53

Here’s another random corridor. I’m testing some paneling approaches and decided to just finish it out. Nothing extraordinary but thought I’d share anyway. Hope you enjoy!