RI Galaxy Rider Mrk2

Hello! Here’s a fresh model, a new iteration of an older one; RI Galaxy Rider Mrk2. I’ve been spending more time really playing around with textures lately, trying to dial in a more weathered look without custom-painting it. I’m not necessarily taking a procedural approach but am using procedural methods with some custom-created textures (if that makes sense). Right now, I’m kinda geeking on the typical greyish-looking motif. I thought it’d be fun to build a quick-n-dirty mirror-box around it. It’s a fast way to show some of the other views within the same scene. And I had done that with the first iteration of this line too, so it was a nice similarity.

Concerning the textures, I used some seamless ones I created and uv-wrapped them around the model with different methods . . . all combined to create the final look. And you’ll note I added some emission surfaces as well for the engines/lights. There’s a lot of layers happening here that may not be readily visible. (My postwork was the engine-inset, title and frame.)

I hope you enjoy . . . and thank you for viewing.


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