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Kinda tired today ;)

Ever exploring new modeling techniques . . . enjoy!

(More subtle texturing added to this one . . .)



And, here’s the latest from the RI production line; SPEARHEAD.

Design note – lately, I’ve really been diggin’ the white-washed look. The more simple the texture, the better to show the overall form and modeling IMO. So I may post several of this type in the near future. Nothing against fully texturing, because I love that too, but I’m groovin’ with the more classic, simpler look. (And yes . . . I added a couple of visible laser-banks this time too, up near the cockpit. Ha!!)

I hope you enjoy!

ExDyn Outrider

Here is an early look at the first model from a new Rift Industries subsidiary; Expansive Dynamics. The first ship is the ExDyn Outrider. (My goal will be to create a separate design-styling with this subsidiary line of ships. The first, however, is more of a transition version since several of the Rift Industries engineers moved to ExDyn to help get their manufacturing houses in order. ExDyn will be more involved with larger capacity ships, normally.)

This ship has already been lovingly dubbed ‘the Frog’ by its pilots and crew. Its mission purpose is to serve as an escort vehicle for the much larger vessels (soon to start rolling off production lines).

Nimble and practical . . . introducing the ExDyn Outrider. Hope you enjoy!

Minimalist-styled BRONCOS wallpaper

Here’s another desktop wallpaper I designed. I based this from our former ‘classic D’ logo yet used the current version. I wasn’t overly happy with the original snort-steam so designed a new one to better align with the current design-styling. Took several iterations for me to be happy with one that didn’t overpower the main logo yet look trendy enough to fit.

(I had been debating on whether or not to post this now or wait until I finish some other items that will accompany a color version. Obviously, here it is.)

Hope you enjoy!

Ward 4E

Here’s a look down one of the creepy hallways of Katie’s Regional Asylum, toward Ward 4E. This particular Ward has been known to be a hotbed of paranormal activity for quite some time (for example, why do the lights remain partially lit when there’s been no electricity to the facility for years). Honestly, this place is creepy. Everywhere you walk on this campus makes you feel as though you’re not alone. Probably aren’t . . .

Hope you enjoy!

And the wallpaper continues . . .

Here are a couple of versions of the same wallpaper I made for another friend of mine. The yellow-only stripe is the more traditional approach but I also wanted to see what the three-colored stripes would look like. Definitely gives off a different vibe but I really like it. (That comment coming from a BRONCOS fan.) Hope all the Steelers fans enjoy! I had a lot of fun creating this one.


And the fun-with-logos continues . . .

Made this for another buddy of mine. Hope you enjoy!