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RI Growler

Sometimes in mocking up quick concept forms, you create one that is just plain-ol’ fun. For whatever reason, this just really is a cool shape for me. I plan to do more with this, or similar-styled, form . . . but for now, I believe I captured enough already to convey the idea.

Design notes – 4 crew, long-range scout vessel. The interior holds 4 bunks, a small galley and lavatory. Entrance/exit is from the front, underneath the canopy.

Introducing the RI Growler. I hope you enjoy!


RI Scrambler (RACE DAY READY!)

Hi. Here’s the RI Scrambler with race-paint and fresh decals. Hope you enjoy!
Race Day Ready


Here’s a new model for your enjoyment; RI SHARD Mrk5. (And yes, I’m keeping with the whitewashed look . . . which I love!)

Hope you enjoy!

RI Scrambler

Here’s a fresh concept ship; RI Scrambler.

Design notes – I’m really diggin’ the new B3D Pointiness node . . . such a quick-n-dirty (excuse the pun. HA!!) way to add depth and scruff up the crevices in your model. It’s a lot faster and easier than the worn edges/dirt map method . . . which is also cool. And I really like using mainly a white/lighter diffuse shader for quick ‘concepting’ as it really shows all the nuances in the model.

I drew inspiration from watching an old demo-video from I-Novae Studios Infinity: Battlescape. It was the 13-14 minute demo where they just fly the ship around and explore the procedurally-generated objects. Way cool, actually. Anyway . . . the ship, though it didn’t look to entirely fit in with the surroundings as far as finish-level, color, etc. was an interesting shape for me, so I made my own version of it. I added my own nuance to it and some extra flight-surfaces . . . so it’s more like a cousin to theirs. Wasn’t trying to rip off their design . . . I just liked the overall form language.

One last comment, I stuck a basic worker/scale-reference guy on the largest of the ship-angles shown here. He’s standing atop the rear port-side thruster housing.

Introducing the RI Scrambler. I hope you enjoy!

ExDyn – Full Crescent (Yacht)

Here’s the first full model from the ExDyn (Expansive Dynamics; a subsidiary of Rift Industries) production line; FULL CRESCENT (Yacht). Of course, this doesn’t count the crossover ‘Outrider’ since it was heavily influenced by the Rift Industries engineers since a team of them had been assigned to help get the ExDyn house together.

Designed as a long-distance ‘functional luxury’ ship. I’m not good at estimating capacities for larger vessels so my tech-specs are most likely off. After discussions with one of my buddies last night, who’s extremely technically savvy, I realize I most likely underestimated the overall capacity. He thinks more so approximately 140-160. I’ll go with his inclinations as he’s more technical than I am. (I’m just an artist. Ha!!)

Seriously, however . . . I hope you enjoy!

RI Inara Serra

Here’s a new model; RI Inara Serra. Affectionately named by the pilots/crew of this exploration vehicle, the RI Inara Serra sports a distinctive and functional styling. (For the fellow Browncoats out there, this is not a Companion ship. Apologies . . .)

My main goal here was create something a bit unique and really explore the new B3D pointiness-node options and how they can fit into my workflow. Even though probably applied too much here, I like it.

I hope you enjoy!

The Journey Home

Thought I’d post a 2D art piece. It’s actually part of a decal set I created to use on some of my 3D models.

Hope you enjoy!