RI 274 (Loosely based on the old C-64 ‘Space Taxi’ game)

Aaaaaaand . . . here’s the RI 274 (a quick-sketch I started yesterday and posted elsewhere online, technically speaking). I added some additional elements, tweaked some of the existing mesh and rendered a few more views. I have been thinking of re-imagining the look of an old C-64 game called “Space Taxi”. Those old enough, like me, remember a lot of quirky and fun games. This was one such game. I won’t bore everyone with the game-details here (can be Google’d) but it was a hilarious and fun 2D game. All of that to say, the little taxi was sorta my inspiration for the look of the RI 274. I may do additional modeling and texture this one to resemble the classic version . . . but will most likely redo it from the ground up and really modernize and dial in a fresh look.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the RI 274 . . .


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