ExDyn – Full Crescent (Yacht)

Here’s the first full model from the ExDyn (Expansive Dynamics; a subsidiary of Rift Industries) production line; FULL CRESCENT (Yacht). Of course, this doesn’t count the crossover ‘Outrider’ since it was heavily influenced by the Rift Industries engineers since a team of them had been assigned to help get the ExDyn house together.

Designed as a long-distance ‘functional luxury’ ship. I’m not good at estimating capacities for larger vessels so my tech-specs are most likely off. After discussions with one of my buddies last night, who’s extremely technically savvy, I realize I most likely underestimated the overall capacity. He thinks more so approximately 140-160. I’ll go with his inclinations as he’s more technical than I am. (I’m just an artist. Ha!!)

Seriously, however . . . I hope you enjoy!


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