Monthly Archives: May 2015


Introducing the RI TIGERSHARK.

Design notes – I wanted to create an unusual curved-wing craft. The wing doesn’t arc exactly the way I’d planned but I was happy with this. I could’ve spent more time to nail it but I figure I can always do another ship. Ha!! Designed some new decals for it too.

Hope you enjoy!


RI Titan Dream

Hello. Introducing the RI Titan Dream.

Design-notes: This is another shapes-exploration project. I’m working on a more serious project but every once in awhile it’s fun to start with a sculpted base and incorporate some hard-surface modeling, to keep the creative juices flowing. Helps with the fact that I generally love to explore all kinds of shapes and not necessarily get locked into one project for too long at a time. Still using a slightly-modified version of my ‘whitewash’ shader just because I really like the simpler look for goofing around with these concept-sketch models.

Hope you enjoy!

RI Lunar Crest

Here’s a new model; RI Lunar Crest. This is a 4-crew exploration vehicle. One pilot and three crew.

Design notes – basically a shapes-exploration project. Nothing too serious. I was inspired by several UFO documentaries I’ve watched recently and decided to use a combination of shapes to develop a lunar craft of some type. And I’m still using the whitewashed material I made a few weeks ago. It’s quick to just append the node-tree and slap it on my surfaces. The white-ish hue really allows a good look at the nooks and crannies IMO. So for these type of models, I find it sufficient to capture the overall form with some surface deviations.

I hope you enjoy!


Here’s another concept image; “Eyes”.

Design notes – Basically I was going for minimalistic mood with this one, using a volumetric shader to give it some dark fade. The eyes are simply two UV-spheres lit just enough to penetrate the haze but not overpower the single overhead light. I wanted to convey some sort of creepy story. Maybe there’s a bad-robot (yes, JJ Abrams!) or alien creature hiding in the shadows . . . or someone who is simply playing a horrible practical joke and is about to get taken out with a twitchy-fingered phaser blast from the beholder.

I hope you enjoy!

RI Aurora

Here is a fresh concept mockup; RI Aurora. A 5-crew, short/medium-range scout ship.

Design notes – I was loosely basing this from one of the Star Trek line of ships, playing some flatter-edges form flow against some arcs. It’s not my favorite personal design but it has been growing on me each time I step away and come back to look at it with fresh eyes. The front 3-quarter view, on the far right-hand plate, is just wicked looking to me. I love it!

I hope you enjoy!