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RI Racer XLT Mrk2

Hello! I’ve been dialing in some recent new textures. In order to speed the testing, I used a previous model; RI Racer XLT. I added the ‘Mrk2’ designation since this texture is different. I then tweaked it for the 2nd ship and ran the whole thing through the Compositor (my 2nd real attempt using it). I’m enjoying the results . . . especially the glare node. I hope you enjoy too! I think it works well for my non-particle thrust/afterburners. (The solo image I had rendered first and decided to include even though it’s a similar angle to the duo image.)

Here’s the RI Racer XLT Mrk2.



RI Solaria Minor

Here’s a new model; RI Solaria Minor. Sporting a similar messy paint-scheme as with one of the alternate ones used previously. This was my first ‘real’ attempt at using the built-in B3D Compositor. Overall I was pleased. There are some additional things I’ll try later but decided to call this one a wrap. I do like the glare node a lot. The background image was actually one I’d created for another project using Ps but mapped in at the last. (Everything here was done via the Compositor except the frame and text.)

I hope you enjoy!

RI Vyledian Slipstream (Alternate Paint Schemes)

Hello. Here are a couple of alternate paint schemes being sported on the bulky and ever-so-hearty RI Vyledian Slipstream. 😉

Design notes – I rendered the first alternate scheme along with the standard for comparison. The first alternate sports more gloss than the standard. After that, I decided to continue to play around with it and came up with the smaller one. I had run out of time so rendered a smaller version. I actually kinda prefer the smaller one. I really like the more unique look to it. Kinda gives off a steampunk vibe to me. There are a lot of subtle color variations and textures that work well together, IMO, to achieve the final look. I may render a larger view or two of that one later. It’s very appealing to me.

I hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for viewing! Have a good day!

RI Vyledian Slipstream – “Rollout . . . Left!”

Here’s another RI Vyledian Slipstream image for you! Hope you enjoy!


Introducing the RI VYLEDIAN SLIPSTREAM. (I have another image with this ship that I’ll be posting shortly, also.)

Thanks for viewing. I hope you enjoy!


Introducing a new model; RI CUTLASS. The first image is a basic 4-view look-around. The second, we see a trio of ships just as the leader calls, “Echelon . . . break!”

Design notes – I’ve been working on really dialing in a nice military-style texture with built-in general weathering. Also using some worn-edges techniques to add nice variation where the edges bevel into corners and such. I tweaked the texture on the ‘Echelon’ image to portray more individuality between ships. For the ground-plane underneath the ships, I created a 2D surface externally and mapped it to the perspective I wanted. I composited vortex and exhaust atmo-displacement in post.

I hope you enjoy!


RI Penetrator LTD

(Re)Introducing the RI Penetrator LTD.

Design notes – In looking for another older model, I found this one. I decided to redo it and added the ‘LTD’ to the name to denote the difference/iteration. I cleaned up the model, extending the main aft hull, gave it a whole new texture set and included some asymmetrical decals.

I hope you enjoy the beauty-pass!