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RI Striker Mrk3 LTD

Hi. Hope everyone is well.

I’m gearing up for a new iteration of my RI Striker model line. In the meantime, I was looking back over my earlier iterations (posted elsewhere on my blog) and found my most recent one (Mrk3). I realize it had been a few years since I made it so I decided to clean it up and re-texture just for goofs. This is a fun way for me to get back into that form mindset and get some fresh thinking on it. Here’s the result.

Design notes – The Striker is one of the very first full models I created in Bryce 3d many years ago, like somewhere around 12+. I’ve had fun making different versions of it over the years. It’s been interesting to see the growth. I have a post elsewhere here on my blog, scroll back/down a ways to find it, that showcases the three versions up to that point. Pretty fun to see IMO.

I hope you enjoy this re-textured view of the RI Striker Mrk3 LTD.


RI Rambler (texture update)

I’m posting a new production-view of the RI Rambler. I realized yesterday that I had forgotten to apply-scale before texturing it. The material breakup was bothering me, the scale was too small, but couldn’t place it at first. I went back and updated it so here’s a fresh render with my originally-intended material. (Again, this texture is what I consider a base. If I decide to further explore the form I would assign several different textures to parts of the model but for these, more concept-forms basically, I’m just applying one custom texture.)

Thanks for checking it out (again, sorta)!

RI Rambler

Here’s another concept mock-up; RI Rambler, sporting the same texture I used for the RI Phorlon. Nothing too extravagant but fun to draft for something fairly quick-n-dirty.

I hope you enjoy!

RI Phorlon

Here’s a new concept ship; RI PHORLON. I really like this one and am planning to further tweak the texture and post additional views later.

Also uploaded a new slides-demo of recent work to my YT channel, found here:

As always, thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy!

RI Vortex Mrk6

Hello. Here’s the next in the Vortex series; RI Vortex Mrk6. I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!



RI Vortex Mrk5

Hi. Here’s a dual-production-view image featuring another quick concept ship; RI Vortex Mrk5. I decided to model the cockpit directly into the nose this time around.

I hope you enjoy!

RI Corwin Bulloch (more alt. paint schemes)

Hi! Here are a couple of additional RI Corwin Bulloch images; a quasi-military style paint scheme and a reddish high-gloss one. Hope you enjoy my continued obsessiveness with all-things-that-fly! I am working on some other items and plan to post them once finished. In the meantime, hope you enjoy more fresh flying stuff! LOL!!