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RI Sewell Bulloch

Here’s another project where I took an older model, maybe unreleased – can’t remember and is irrelevant anyway, and redesigned it. I added more visual interest and tweaked the hull enough to warrant a new name. (A buddy of mine said this had echoes of Serenity . . . which I also love! It wasn’t the original intent except to have a ship that could fit in the Firefly/Serenity ‘verse.) I really like this scruffy paint scheme. All of the patchy weathering areas were created with two additional node layers using custom seamless texture images. Those were overlayed on the model on top of the base coloring layers. And with just about everything else I do these days, I use the Pointiness node to create subtle differences between differing layer node groups.

Introducing the RI Sewell Bulloch. I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!


RI Dart Mrk3 LTD

Reaching back into my archive grab-bag, here’s a fresh-and-worn paint version of the RI Dart Mrk3. I tweaked the hull a bit and added a few minor pieces to give it an ‘LTD’ addition to its title. Here’s the RI Dart Mrk3 LTD.

Design notes – sometimes when playing around and testing new materials, I prefer to use an existing model. It’s faster to get into the Node Editor that way. This is a model I’ve really liked since its creation so decided to add some extra fins; one along the lower front hull on center-line, another set in the upper-aft section near the newly added vertical tail fin and a small set of fins on the propulsion area nearest the main hull. Also added a couple wingtip runners.

Hope you enjoy!

RI Firefox (w/ Black-Ops paint motif)

I was playing around with the B3D materials-indexing and Compositor using the RI Firefox. (This has a strong TRON influence, which I like.) Hope you enjoy and, as always, thank you for viewing!


RI Fireflare

Here’s a new quick concept-ship for your enjoyment; RI Fireflare. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

RI Shard Mrk8

Here’s a new quick concept ship; RI Shard Mrk8. Hope you enjoy!

RI Thunderhead Mrk3

Here’s another quick-n-dirty concept; RI Thunderhead Mrk3. Nothing fancy, a quick forms-exploration study.

Hope you enjoy!

Concept Ships (and a YouTube link)

Here are a couple of concept ships for you. And below them, be sure to check the YouTube link. I added a basic turntable featuring the RI Striker Mrk4. Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy!



Here’s the link to my YT post . . .