RI Striker Mrk4

Hi. Introducing the latest Striker iteration; RI Striker Mrk4. I decided to create a fresh take on the original version I modeled in Wings 3D and finished/rendered in Bryce 3D over 12 years ago. (Those were the days. LOL!) Wish I would’ve found Blender 3D earlier, but anyway.

The version here is what I consider to be sporting the ‘standard’ paint scheme. However, I am also rendering a ‘classic/commemorative’ paint scheme that will have similar color schemes as the original. It may be a few days before I post it since I’m rendering a basic turntable with this one, that will get posted to my YouTube channel shortly thereafter.

Maybe because of my love-affair with this particular model series or who knows, but I am really diggin’ this iteration. To me, it just looks gorgeous from all angles. I wanted this version to be close to the original yet have its own footprint. I’m very pleased with this one.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy!


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