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Wizard World Comic Con Nashville

Attended my first-ever Comic Con this weekend with a couple buddies, downtown. Was a BLAST!! Here are some pics I snapped from the event. (The one in green is Layne. He’s the Senior Editor for Go check out their Twitter feed for more live-event pics I snapped with his phone.) The Firefly/Serenity panel with Jewel and Adam was FANTASTIC!!! Have to say Elastigirl was my favorite cosplayer.

Hope you enjoy!


THD Specter

Hello. Hope everyone is well. Here’s the THD Scion 2 sister ship; THD Specter.

Design notes – I took the same starting piece (the graceful arced section that houses the cockpit in the THD Scion 2) to serve as a basis for modeling two separate ships. For the THD Specter, I mirrored the whole section across and formed the massive propulsion intake shields with it. Was fun to start with the same section and design two separate vessels.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to share my blog with your friends. The more the merrier! Thanks!

THD Scion 2

Here’s a fresh concept ship for your enjoyment (hopefully); THD Scion 2. As always, thanks for viewing. I appreciate all of you who follow me/my art. Proud to have you on the journey.

THD Retrobird

I finally got around to start modeling one of the concept sketches I’d posted in here earlier. I was very pleased with the result. I used a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical design language, which adds subtle complexity and naturalness to the model in my opinion.

The image here includes three rotated-views showcasing the asymmetrical aspects. The color variant was something I was just playing around with for fun. The main version is the non-colored version as I really like the pewter-style look to it . . . and I feel it showcases the modeling better.

Introducing the THD Retrobird.

I hope you enjoy! As always, thanks for checking it out!

RI Inquisitor

Here’s another lunch-hour (mostly) project for viewing; RI Inquisitor.

Designed as a primary reconnaissance platform, the RI Inquisitor boasts an extremely high speed/atmo capability. While maneuverable in atmo, the RI Inquisitor primarily hangs out in the upper atmosphere planetary levels and mostly in space. If you want or need covert info, hire someone who owns one of these.

I hope you enjoy the view and thanks for checking it out.

THD Cobra (gear down)

Here are another couple of THD Cobra views with engines rotated to resting-position (and human scale-ref). I really love this overall design form and material.

After mocking up a few differing styles of landing gear, I opted to stick with a monopod version. It just looked the best considering the height requirements, to clear the engine pods in resting position.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy!

Miscellaneous Goodies

Here are some other miscellaneous renders I’ve made over the past week:

Corridor 24.09 – Playing around with the array mod.

Ornaments – a couple more from me messing around with the highly-flexible wireframe mod. Love it!


Bahukey(Pronounced ‘buh-HOO-key’) a cartoon character I created about 12 years ago. My daughter was young then and I drew a whole slew of these for her, each with it’s own look/role. We had fun coloring them. I’ve kept drawing them over the years, sneaking one into my daughter’s school lunchbox every now and again, and they’ve been a nice addition to our family. My daughter still loves ’em.

This is a basic one . . .