THD Cobra

Here’s a project I’ve been working on for a week or so. I’ve been working on designing a model/ship for my blog and forum posts. I have a new 2d logo I’m working on as well, to more unify my online presence. That being said, here’s the new flagship; THD Cobra. I’m planning to release several iterations of this model. Still working on the landing gear, which is going to look very nice IMO, but this has been a really fun project so far. I’m deciding on whether the fan blades will truly be operational in the traditional sense or if the angled intakes will serve as a quasi-vortex-inducing mechanism for a more ‘future tech’ basis. (There are rotated vents here though they may not be visible much.) I’m very pleased with this concept as it looks virtually identical to my concept pencil sketches. The pods are pose-able and I’ve rotated them here for transitional flight. Anyway . . .

I hope you enjoy and, as always, thank you for viewing!


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