Monthly Archives: October 2015

RI Intruder Mrk2

Hi. Been a little while since I’ve uploaded. Lately, life has stepped in front of my modeling time. HA!! Also, I decided to do a more traditional-style model (not texture displaced) using some of Dan Brown’s (Dan Brown CGI) paneling techniques. The results are very nice but the models take a lot longer to finish. Most of the stuff I post is quicker concept-style stuff so this was a nice change-up for me. I was highly pleased with the result.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for viewing!


Star Wars related t-shirt design

Hi everyone. Thought I’d post a new Star Wars related t-shirt design of mine. (Can’t sell it so thought everyone could enjoy the idea anyway.)

Hope you enjoy!


RI Junker

Here’s a new concept sheet featuring the RI Junker. (Apologies for the delay in posting. My real-life responsibilities have taken more time lately.)

The design-brief I had in mind was nothing more than creating a vessel that wasn’t entirely junky yet not entirely new, like something that could be seen used in or around a spare-parts repository or junkyard.

I hope you enjoy!