RI Intruder Mrk2

Hi. Been a little while since I’ve uploaded. Lately, life has stepped in front of my modeling time. HA!! Also, I decided to do a more traditional-style model (not texture displaced) using some of Dan Brown’s (Dan Brown CGI) paneling techniques. The results are very nice but the models take a lot longer to finish. Most of the stuff I post is quicker concept-style stuff so this was a nice change-up for me. I was highly pleased with the result.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for viewing!


2 responses to “RI Intruder Mrk2

  • Dan Brown

    Todd, this is incredibly good stuff. This is better than I’ve ever managed to accomplish. I’m glad to see that the panel method worked really well for you. Awesome awesome awesome. 🙂 Keep it up.


  • b00nd0x . rob

    really digging this one…. the stylized structure has a sense of ‘going into some wickedly gritty places for work/advanture/etc. & those curved pipes/manifolds make it just right. Overall it’s got a strong sense of the personality of some underground or similarly rugged-character/pilot.

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