Monthly Archives: April 2016

RI Stormcrow Mrk9

Decided to call this finished for now. Already moved on to the next one. Was fairly pleased with how this one turned out. It’s very cool-looking from all the angles IMO. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

RI Stormcrow Mrk9



RI Stormcrow Mrk9

Here’s a new WIP ship; RI Stormcrow Mrk9. I decided to do a non-displacement-texture model this time around. Something a bit more boxy and militaristic-looking. I’m enjoying the change-up so far. Since I generally like to conceptualize models, the displacement texture method works quickly for me. However, doing more traditional-style modeling is fun even though you spend a lot longer with each one to dial in the final look. I am enjoying the process with this model and am already getting ideas for the next one using these techniques.


I plan to post additional views of this baby once completed. I have a lot left to model, especially underneath.

Hope you enjoy!

Quick concept-ship trio

Hello, here are three new quick concept-style ships for your amusement. Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking them out.

RI Phantom Shadow

RI Wasp (my favorite of the three here)

RI Delta Charger 0505

RI Overwatch (w/ Substance Painter work)

Here’s my first foray into Substance Painter, for skinning my models. There’s a lot to learn but I see a lot of promise. Excited about it! Here’s a low-poly version of the RI Overwatch with some nice grungy/junkyard skin. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for viewing!

RI Overwatch

Here’s another warmup-sketch. Nothing fancy. Still trying to increase my inspiration again. Anyway, moving forward, I am not languishing as much but working on getting my creativity clickin’ again.

Playing around with some general forms. Maybe not the best design but still quite fun. Here’s the RI Overwatch.