RI Reaper Mrk3

RI Reaper Mrk3


Hi. I decided to spend some time with one model, making all the detail bits, instead of drafting a more ‘concept’ version (like I typically do). The original RI Reaper design is my first model to make banner-top on the BlenderArtists forum a few years ago. You can locate it somewhere in my sketchbook there. Fun to see some progress and different design-styling that I used then and now. I have been working on some materials within B3D but painted this with Substance Painter 2. The final day of my trial period was yesterday so hit it before the license expired. I used a basic setup there with about 12 layers or so. Can’t recall exactly.

I have a few more things to do with this model and am planning to post some other iterations of it within the next several days.

Anyway . . . I was highly pleased with this. I hope you enjoy!


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