RI F3 Bolt – Finished (more or less)

Here is the finished RI F3 Bolt. I bought Substance Painter and this was the first ship I was using to really test more of the features with (more than a couple of the others I’d posted previously during the trial-period). Granted, I have a lot to learn still but enjoyed how this one turned out. I bought the Substance Painter to Blender node from BlenderBrit in the BlenderMarket to help streamline my output maps back to Cycles. I am including a render here from IRay, the built-in renderer within SP. I still think my normals are messed up a bit but I am still preferring the Cycles renders at this point. I highly recommend buying the BlenderBrit node if you use SP. It’s saved me a ton of time already. Anyway . . . here are the renders. The 4-view image is from Cycles. The standalone is from IRay. It’s not perfect but done enough for me to move to the next one. Ha!!

I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing.

B3D Cycles render

IRay render


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