Monthly Archives: August 2016

RI Rift Runner BLV (re-texture, Cycles renders)

Hi. Here are the Cycles renders of my re-textured RI Rift Runner BLV. I hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out. Be sure to follow me on Sketchfab too; Astro1derboy. (See previous post for links.)



RI Rift Runner BLV (Substance Painter re-texture)

I’ve been wanting more practice within Substance Painter but my newest model is not finished yet. I decided to take a recent model and re-texture it. Here is the result. I hope you enjoy!

RI Rift Runner BLV (re-texture)

My work on Sketchfab

Here are my first two Sketchfab uploads, as follows:

Thanks for checking them out!

RI Dragonfly Mrk7 (Blender 3D Cycles renders)

Hi. Here are the B3D Cycles renders of the RI Dragonfly Mrk7. As always, thank you for following my work and I hope you enjoy!

RI Dragonfly Mrk7 (IRay renders)

Hi everyone. Here’s my latest model; RI Dragonfly Mrk7. This post contains the Substance Painter IRay rendered versions. I plan to post the Blender 3D Cycles ones later today or tomorrow. Also, be sure to check out my two latest ships on Sketchfab, as follows:

RI F3 Bolt
Skfb – Astro1derboy RI F3 Bolt

RI Dragonfly Mrk7
Skfb – Astro1derboy RI Dragonfly Mrk7