Monthly Archives: September 2016

RI Stormcrow Mrk9 (Sketchfab edition)

Here’s another previously released model re-processed with Substance Painter en route to Sketchfab; RI Stormcrow Mrk9. (Haven’t had much time to work on my new projects.) I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂


RI Venom (lower-res version on Sketchfab)

Hello. Here’s a lower-res version of an older model; RI Venom. I had been wanting to do a basic Substance Painter treatment of this and here it is! I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂

RI Tomcat (fully-textured)

Hi. Here are some renders of the fully-textured RI Tomcat. I turned one of the cartoon-renders of the RI Tomcat into an alpha that I stamped onto the side of this one. So it has a cool stencil of itself . . . on itself. I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Cartoon-style Ship Renders

Here are some fun offbeat renders I made of some of my recent ships using the techniques outlined by Kent Trammell’s recent CGCookie tut. A lot of fun and I’m really impressed by the cool looks you can get right in the viewport. This has been addicting and I wanna go back and re-render all my ships in this style. Ha!! I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!






RI Tomcat (base-texture version) on Sketchfab

Here’s the RI Tomcat on Sketchfab. I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂

RI Tomcat (Substance Painter viewport screen captures)

Here’s my latest B3D model; RI Tomcat. These are PBR viewport screen-captures (no renders) from within Substance Painter. I wanted to go ahead and post quick-n-dirty simple material views but I am currently working on a fully-textured version of this model. Hoping to have it finished sometime this week (fingers crossed). Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy!

More Nashville Marine Week Photos

Here are more pics from the MAGTF show in Nashville yesterday morning. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing. 🙂