Monthly Archives: October 2016

RI Tomcat (color)

Hello. Hope all’s well with everyone. Here is the Sketchfab post of the RI Tomcat (color). I discovered today that my texture-naming-scheme was creating issues that prohibited my models from showing correctly. Hadn’t spent a lot of time figuring it out there until this morning with the RI Skyhawk. So, that being said, I corrected the color version of the RI Tomcat and here it is. I hope you ‘Like’ and thanks for checking it out as always. 🙂


RI Skyhawk (on Sketchfab)

Hello. Hope everyone is well. Here’s the RI Skyhawk on Sketchfab. As mentioned there, this is loosely based on the Star Wars motif, but not designed to live in it necessarily. I hope you ‘Like’ and thanks for viewing.

RI Skyhawk

Hello. Here’s my latest model; RI Skyhawk. I plan to post this on Sketchfab within the next day or so. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the view(s). 🙂

RI Dagger (rev2)

Hello. Here’s a much better UV-unwrapped version of the RI Dagger. I consider this a ‘Hoth’ paint-scheme (in keeping with the Star Wars motif). I had fun with this one, as I started the unwrapping/texturing from scratch, and am much happier with my UV assignments. Still not perfect but a lot better IMO. Anyway. I hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out. Don’t forget to share and stick around for the ride! Thanks! 🙂

RI Dagger (Sketchfab)

Hello. Here’s my latest model; RI Dagger. I wanted to do an original and keep it within the Star Wars universe. (I could see this swooping down in for a strafing run along with an A-Wing or Y-Wing.) I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂

RI Dash Mrk4 (Substance Painter/IRay Renders)

I realize that in my haste to run the RI Dash Mrk4 through the pipeline quickly, I missed some things . . . but since this wasn’t a ‘serious’ project to begin with, I’m not going to fix the issue(s). That being said, here are a few additional renders of it, as-is, for your enjoyment. Thanks for viewing!

RI Dash Mrk4 (Sketchfab)

It’s fun learning new stuff. And I created this low-poly model, RI Dash Mrk4, in Blender 2.78 to quickly test some of the new things I’ve been learning within Substance Painter. Start to finish – took just over an hour. Nothing too fancy but had some good times. Thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoy . . .