Monthly Archives: November 2016

Alpha 429

Hi! Hope everyone is well. Here is another new ship; RI Alpha 429. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for viewing! 🙂


RI Alpha 131

Here’s my latest model; RI Alpha 131. The texturing is loosely based on the US Navy trainer-aircraft paint scheme. Still exploring new techniques/morphing current ones. The ship was created really as a basis with which to test new processes and workflows within Substance Painter. As always, I created this with Blender 3D (the BEST!) and used a lower-res version to texture in SP. I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂

RI Alpha 924 LTD

Hello again. Decided to do an iteration of the RI Alpha 924 with displacement-texture panels. It’d been awhile since using that technique. Honestly I just love that method because it’s way faster for me to slap out some cool panels using a custom texture I made several years ago. Anyway. I really prefer the look of this version even though it’s a lower-res version (decimated for Substance Painter use). I added the ‘LTD’ designation since the model hasn’t changed, just the paneling technique. I hope you enjoy. Thanks again for checking it out. Introducing the RI Alpha 924 LTD . . .

RI Alpha 924

Hi all. Hope everyone is well. Here’s my latest model; RI Alpha 924. Been working on it awhile. Finally had time to finish it. Wanted to do a different type design. Feel it captures the essence of the old barnstorming days in a new motif. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy!