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RI Dart Mrk24 (First 3D-printed model)

RI Dart Mrk24
Hi everyone! I’ve posted my first successfully 3D-printed model in my Shapeways shop. Please check it out. Feel free to follow me there for automated update notifications. There are more to come! Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

RI Dart Mrk24

(I used flexible white plastic. You can see the print-layer lines but I like the texture it adds. This can be sanded and/or cut-lines accentuated. There are various material types available also. Thanks!)


RI Dart Mrk24 (3D print version)

RI Dart Mrk24
Hi everyone. Been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Been out of it for a bit. Here’s a fresh model, in a Star Wars vein, created to get me back into the swing of things again. Hoping to maybe 3D-print someday. I plan to post the fully textured (and more detailed) version soon. Stay tuned. Enjoy! 🙂