Monthly Archives: October 2017

SS Backwater

Introducing the SS Backwater. This is slightly smaller than the SS Jewel, designed to float within the upper atmo of gas giants or planets. This monitors and processes varying gases and whatnot. Here we see it’s launched several probes to aid in the research. Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy.


2017 Inktober Scribblings

Rather than posting them all here separately, thought I’d post a link to my random 2017 Inktober scribblings on my Artstation. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing. 🙂

THD 2017 Inktober


Decided to try something a bit larger than my normal ships . . . A LOT larger. This is my first attempt at a space station; SS Jewel. I had an engineering-minded buddy of mine give me feedback as I modeled this to ensure a better sense of scale. I admit I have no idea when modeling larger forms since I dearly love the smaller spacecraft. I really enjoyed this project, however, and already have another one in the works. They’re not perfect but I do love to really get sucked into the expanse when looking out over something of this magnitude. I included some fairly basic interstellar ships to help provide an accent to the scale. Everything here was created within B3D Cycles directly except a subtle saturation increase, frame, text and custom grain layer (postwork in Ps). The background stars and nebula equirectangular-panorama were created using Mark Kingsnorth’s techniques from his YT tutorial. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing.