Monthly Archives: August 2018

RI Strider (Sketchfab)

RI Strider – a light trainer/attack/reconnaissance platform (seen here in tech-demo livery). The civilian version is a heavy favorite among locals for weekend flying up and down the coast. Very stable and easy to handle. (Though not exploiting the full capabilities of this craft, the auto take-off and landing nav-module doesn’t hurt public opinion either.) As always thank you for the view/like.


RI Nighthawk Mrk7

RI Nighthawk Mrk7 – a high-altitude reconnaissance platform designed for atmo or space travel. Aside from a more heavily angular design form-language for deflecting return-signals the RI Nighthawk Mrk7 employs advanced electronic tactical countermeasures to avoid detection and maintain low visibility as needed. Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for the view/like.