Monthly Archives: October 2018

Moving to Artstation

Hi. Going forward, I’m moving all my posts to Artstation. Here’s my direct link as follows. Feel free to bookmark it as I’ll not be posting anything new here. (This was basically a duplicate site of what’s there anyway. Planning to keep my existing posts here for awhile. Eventually I’ll be removing them. There are WAY TOO MANY ads for free-plan users here and, quite frankly, I’m tired of it.) Thanks for coming along for the ride so far. Hope you stay with me on this journey over there.  🙂

Astro1derboy’s Artstation


RI Drahllian Fist Mrk5

RI Drahllian Fist Mrk5 – medium-range attack/fighter platform. Really had fun creating this texture set in SP and am planning to use again. Was very pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

RI Hammer Mrk3

RI Hammer Mrk3 – a short-range attack platform (seen here fairly early in its production cycle sporting a tech-demo livery), designed in the same vein as the RI Beast. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.