RI Boxster Ltd (Sketchfab)

Hi. Here’s another (older) model of mine that I’ve been wanting to pull from my archive, update and give a fresh texture to; RI Boxster Ltd. Added the ‘Ltd’ to it since I cleaned it up and tweaked the overall form a bit from the original iteration. My favorite color is orange so couldn’t resist going crazy with this texture. (I hear the pilots affectionately refer to this bird as the ‘flying traffic cone’. Ha!!) Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing. Peace.

RI Arrowhead (better FOV renders)

Here are a couple new views of the RI Arrowhead with a much better FOV camera setting. In the main art-forum where I post my work (in addition to here) a viewer commented on my earlier post that I should adjust the FOV for the front views. They were correct. Here is the result. After rendering I realize both views are almost identical. One is slightly offset than the other front view. Decided to post them together anyway. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing. 🙂

RI Majestic Mrk2 LTD (renders)

Hi. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is well. Here are some rendered views of the RI Majestic Mrk LTD. Hope you enjoy and may there be peace on Earth.

RI Majestic Mrk2 LTD (Sketchfab)

RI Arrowhead (renders)

Hi. Here are the renders views of the RI Arrowhead. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

RI Arrowhead (Sketchfab)

Here’s a new ship from the United FANS Production plant on Uluria; RI Arrowhead. Designed as a long-range recon/strike-platform, this ship is built for speed. The paint-scheme here sports flashy racing-style stripes but they would be muted or non-existent in a true military configuration. I hope you enjoy the view! Be sure to [LIKE] and thanks for checking it out. (Still renders posted soon . . .)

RI Razor Mrk13 (renders)

Hi. Hope everyone is well. Here are some rendered views of the RI Razor Mrk13. I hope you enjoy. Thank you very much for viewing! 🙂