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RI Inquisitor Ltd (renders)

Here are renders of the RI Inquisitor Ltd. Hope you enjoy and, as always, thank you for viewing! 🙂

RI Inquisitor Ltd (Sketchfab)

Hi. Here’s my latest project on Sketchfab; RI Inquisitor Ltd. (See the actual post there for information/details.)

RI Ghost Ltd (renders)

Here are some renders of the RI Ghost Ltd. (Also, check out the actual Sketchfab post for more modeling-details if interested. Thanks!)

RI Arrowhead (better FOV renders)

Here are a couple new views of the RI Arrowhead with a much better FOV camera setting. In the main art-forum where I post my work (in addition to here) a viewer commented on my earlier post that I should adjust the FOV for the front views. They were correct. Here is the result. After rendering I realize both views are almost identical. One is slightly offset than the other front view. Decided to post them together anyway. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing. 🙂

RI Arrowhead (renders)

Hi. Here are the renders views of the RI Arrowhead. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

iPhone 5s wallpaper (two recent ships)

Hi everyone. Thought I’d treat everyone to iPhone 5s wallpaper renders I’ve made of a couple recent models. I’ve done a lot of trial-and-error tweaking to get these like I prefer (placement and color for easy night-time illumination use). I usually make wallpaper versions from most of my models but today I decided to upload these for sharing. Note – these have been designed double the dimensions so they look nice and crisp when displayed on the iPhone 5s . . . however, I have been told they do look great on other phones with similar dimensions. Hope you enjoy!


RI Dragonfly Mrk7 (IRay renders)

Hi everyone. Here’s my latest model; RI Dragonfly Mrk7. This post contains the Substance Painter IRay rendered versions. I plan to post the Blender 3D Cycles ones later today or tomorrow. Also, be sure to check out my two latest ships on Sketchfab, as follows:

RI F3 Bolt
Skfb – Astro1derboy RI F3 Bolt

RI Dragonfly Mrk7
Skfb – Astro1derboy RI Dragonfly Mrk7