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RI Thunderbolt9

RI Thunderbolt9 – a fun sleek multi-use platform. Interestingly enough this was originally developed as a civilian craft. However the military quickly discovered its ease of flight and high maneuverability and procured a contract for production as a trainer soon after this rolled from the production lines on Uluria. This is a craft designed for atmo and space travel. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.


RI Falcon f7

RI Falcon f7 – another Rift Industries light scout/attack platform. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the view/like.

RI Seeker Mrk5 (Sketchfab & 3-view render)

RI Seeker Mrk5 – a medium/long-range attack/reconnaissance vehicle. Thanks for the view/like. 🙂

RI Starfire Mrk7

RI Starfire Mrk7 – a medium/heavy attack platform that can fly in or out of atmo. Can be re-purposed for other roles as needed. (Side note – I decided to add my custom ‘Spoodbeast’ logo that I’d created within the Forza Horizon 3 design editor last year. I treated it for use within Substance Painter but kept the design virtually identical to the one from the design editor. Additional note – the H3 design editor does not allow imports. Everything has to be created within it from sets of primitives. Takes a really long time to create anything of worth.)

Anyway . . . I hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

ExDyn – The Rapid Racer

Exdyn – The Rapid Racer: my second racer-type vehicle to accompany The Happy Racer. Could be an antagonist, but maybe not.

I used the same wheel-base as The Happy Racer and rebuilt everything else to fit, including fresh panels, textures and detail bits.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

ExDyn – The Happy Racer

ExDyn – The Happy Racer: my first attempt at a speed-racer type vehicle. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

ExDyn MATV Tiger (B3D matcaps)

Here are some matcap screen-captures of my latest project; ExDyn (Expansive Dynamics) MATV Tiger. I had intended to texture this but my ancient computer started choking during the process . . . so for now, here are some screencaps. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.