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ExDyn – The Rapid Racer

Exdyn – The Rapid Racer: my second racer-type vehicle to accompany The Happy Racer. Could be an antagonist, but maybe not.

I used the same wheel-base as The Happy Racer and rebuilt everything else to fit, including fresh panels, textures and detail bits.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.



Here’s another concept sketch. I will use this scribbly pencil sketch as a basis for modeling in the near future. I don’t normally post my loose sketches but I do enjoy a good traditional-medium pencil romp in my literal sketchbook. Ha!! This is a draft view which serves two purposes; 1) I can explore rapid form-development as a result of 2) no perspective-portrayal is necessary. Although I’m still trying to swerve into the graphics industry full-time, I have taken enough design courses to know that this is how the pros work. It works for me anyway.

I enjoy the freehand and scribbly look. All the measuring was done by eye as I went so it’s a little off here and there. It’s not truly symmetrical which gives it more ‘warmth’ IMO.

Technical notes – I basically scanned my pencil work then added some textures and custom paint in Ps.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the art.



Alright, so I decided to try a tank at the suggestion of a fellow art-forum artist . . . at least my version of one; a hover-tank! LOL!! I do love the look of tank treads but my overbearing and obsessive love for all-things-that-fly won-out again so I decided to make it a hoverer.

Design notes – I drew inspiration from several sources but the rounded base reminds me more of a HALO Wrath . . . which isn’t a bad thing IMO. I do have additional views but was running into some issues with the Compositor (or my understanding of it at the moment) so they will have to wait until later.

I hope you enjoy the ExDyn Enforcer!

And here’s my 2-minute, scribbly draft concept to capture the form . . .

ExDyn – Full Crescent (Yacht)

Here’s the first full model from the ExDyn (Expansive Dynamics; a subsidiary of Rift Industries) production line; FULL CRESCENT (Yacht). Of course, this doesn’t count the crossover ‘Outrider’ since it was heavily influenced by the Rift Industries engineers since a team of them had been assigned to help get the ExDyn house together.

Designed as a long-distance ‘functional luxury’ ship. I’m not good at estimating capacities for larger vessels so my tech-specs are most likely off. After discussions with one of my buddies last night, who’s extremely technically savvy, I realize I most likely underestimated the overall capacity. He thinks more so approximately 140-160. I’ll go with his inclinations as he’s more technical than I am. (I’m just an artist. Ha!!)

Seriously, however . . . I hope you enjoy!