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RI Dash LTD “Overflight”

RI DASH LTD – Found an old model of mine from several years ago. Decided to clean it up (a bit) and give a new texture within Substance Painter. The background is a custom terrain map I made within Ps. This was modeled and rendered within Blender 3D (Cycles). I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing.

Mega-Lumens 4000

MEGA-LUMENS 4000 – This model was heavily inspired by the Tiny Monster though not intended as a literal duplication. Used the new Principled BSDF shader within B3D. Very pleased with the outcome. Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy.

M12 Pilot (dual-view)

Here’s a quick dual-view of the new M12 Pilot. (This is the first model using the new Blender 3D Principled BSDF node shader to streamline my Substance Painter texture exports. I really like the potential with this new shader. Greatly speeds the process a lot for me now.) I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing.

M12 Helmet Three

A new helmet concept, efficiently and non-creatively titled ‘Helmet Three’.

I wanted to test my new M12 (Majestic 12) logo sticker on a model, seen on the back quarter view, and this seemed to be the perfect one for it. I also found an old custom decal sheet I’d made a few years ago and decided to go a little crazy adding them in SP.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing. 🙂

RI Vel Hopper

Here is a new model for your enjoyment; RI Vel Hopper. Was having fun with shapes. I envisioned this as some sort of futuristic retro-barnstormer. Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy! 🙂

Helmet One (Finished)

Here is the final Helmet One version. If finishing this completely I’d have to redo the UV’s. (I used smart UV project but the results were more chunky than manually doing them. But this was really for a first-look anyway.) I was very pleased with my first attempt with this subject matter. Always nice for a change-up every now and again. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

RI Punisher SO (Spec Ops)

Here we catch a trio of RI Punisher SO‘s en route to the last known coordinates of an emergency beacon. Reports had indicated an ally ship went missing after exploring areas within the Unsettled Union Nebula. Hopefully there’s still time . . .

(Everything, except the ship texture and frame/border-text, was created within B3D.)