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RI Rift Runner BLV (re-texture, Cycles renders)

Hi. Here are the Cycles renders of my re-textured RI Rift Runner BLV. I hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out. Be sure to follow me on Sketchfab too; Astro1derboy. (See previous post for links.)



RI Rift Runner BLV (Substance Painter re-texture)

I’ve been wanting more practice within Substance Painter but my newest model is not finished yet. I decided to take a recent model and re-texture it. Here is the result. I hope you enjoy!

RI Rift Runner BLV (re-texture)

RI Rift Runner BLV

Here are a couple images of the new RI Rift Runner BLV. This is the latest iteration in a long line of designs with this designation. Made for my buddy’s birthday. I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!