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RI Phorlon Mrk3 (Render and Sketchfab)

RI Phorlon Mrk3 – here’s another model I’d made for 3D-printing and finally got around to texturing. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for viewing.


RI Shade Mrk5 (rendered views and Sketchfab embed)

RI Shade Mrk5 Thanks for viewing. Hope you enjoy.

RI Dart Mrk24 – textured views


RI Dagger Mrk 4 (Rendered)


RI Bolt Mrk11

RI BOLT Mrk11 – modeled and rendered within B3D (Cycles). Ship textures in Substance Painter. Backplate in Ps. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing.

RI Dash LTD “Overflight”

RI DASH LTD – Found an old model of mine from several years ago. Decided to clean it up (a bit) and give a new texture within Substance Painter. The background is a custom terrain map I made within Ps. This was modeled and rendered within Blender 3D (Cycles). I hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing.

RI Velocity9 (Sketchfab)