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RI Dart Mrk24 (3D print version)

RI Dart Mrk24
Hi everyone. Been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Been out of it for a bit. Here’s a fresh model, in a Star Wars vein, created to get me back into the swing of things again. Hoping to maybe 3D-print someday. I plan to post the fully textured (and more detailed) version soon. Stay tuned. Enjoy! 🙂

RI Inquisitor Ltd (renders)

Here are renders of the RI Inquisitor Ltd. Hope you enjoy and, as always, thank you for viewing! 🙂

RI Inquisitor Ltd (Sketchfab)

Hi. Here’s my latest project on Sketchfab; RI Inquisitor Ltd. (See the actual post there for information/details.)

RI Razor Mrk13 (renders)

Hi. Hope everyone is well. Here are some rendered views of the RI Razor Mrk13. I hope you enjoy. Thank you very much for viewing! 🙂

RI Razor Mrk13 (Sketchfab)

Hi. Here’s my newest model on Sketchfab; RI Razor Mrk13. Higher-res still images posted soon. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing! 🙂

RI Alpha r505 (Multi-view)

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Here is a multi-view image of the RI Alpha r505. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for viewing! 🙂

RI Alpha r505 (Sketchfab)