RI SPITFIRE(in tech-demo livery) a strategic long-range bomber designed for high-level strike capability where precision is essential. This is not a carpet-style bomber but more along the lines of a drone in the sense that it can cover long distances virtually undetected. While boasting an extended range this platform can also be used in any number of missions. This highly maneuverable craft also serves as a reconnaissance platform whether high or low altitude. This craft is designed to fly in and out of atmo. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.



RI GATOR – a heavy-hitter poised, on its monopod, on a landing pad (Sketchfab). Designed for close air support. Also included are some multi-view renders. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

RI Strider (Sketchfab)

RI Strider – a light trainer/attack/reconnaissance platform (seen here in tech-demo livery). The civilian version is a heavy favorite among locals for weekend flying up and down the coast. Very stable and easy to handle. (Though not exploiting the full capabilities of this craft, the auto take-off and landing nav-module doesn’t hurt public opinion either.) As always thank you for the view/like.

RI Nighthawk Mrk7

RI Nighthawk Mrk7 – a high-altitude reconnaissance platform designed for atmo or space travel. Aside from a more heavily angular design form-language for deflecting return-signals the RI Nighthawk Mrk7 employs advanced electronic tactical countermeasures to avoid detection and maintain low visibility as needed. Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks for the view/like.

RI Beast (Sketchfab)

RI BEAST – a heavy-hitter attack platform (seen here in tech-demo livery). Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

RI Pelican

RI Pelican – a Rift Industries aggressor/light-attack platform. Seen here in tech-demo livery. Highly maneuverable and quick. Capable of flight in or out of the atmosphere. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

RI Thunderbolt9

RI Thunderbolt9 – a fun sleek multi-use platform. Interestingly enough this was originally developed as a civilian craft. However the military quickly discovered its ease of flight and high maneuverability and procured a contract for production as a trainer soon after this rolled from the production lines on Uluria. This is a craft designed for atmo and space travel. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.